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TERMS OF SERVICE The following are the Terms that regulate the use of the Mr. Dreams Med Delivery Service South Agency website by the viewer. By use or visitation of this site, the viewer explicitly agrees to be held responsible for the knowledge contained herein and understands these Terms with the intent to follow them and all related laws and regulations governing the site. This site is protected to preserve our consumers’ personal information. When a customer chooses to give us personally identifiable information, we promise to act in a responsible manner with this information to avoid identity theft and spamming.

DISCLAIMER We publish opinions on a wide assortment of subjects, however, we are human and information found on our site could possibly contain errors or inaccuracies. We do not make any guarantee as to the accuracy of the site’s content, but strive to keep information as accurate and up-to-date as possible. DATA COLLECTED As part of updating our site, we may record and/or keep customers’ personally identifiable information on occasion. This may include, but is not limited to, an IP address, e-mail address, and/or name of the customer. SECURITY We preserve all of our customers’ personally identifiable information in secure online storage facilities to protect our customers’ privacy properly. Personal information stored on our web server is also protected by a secure password, so those whom the viewer allows to have their password could become privy to their respective personal information.

DISCLOSURE We may store and/or release personally identifiable information as dictated or required by both state and federal law. We may also make necessary and/or required disclosures to protect the rights, safety or property of ourselves or other customers, in compliance with legal or regulatory requirements or for the investigation or prevention of Term violations. Additionally, we can and will make disclosures to third parties only as is absolutely necessary. For example, viewers’ personal information may be released to our web hosting provider and database contractors. Finally, in the event our business in whole or in part is acquired by another business, viewer and customer information will be an asset that is transferred. Except as expressed herein, we will never release, sell, lease or rent our customers’ personally identifiable information without their express consent.

CHILDREN Children are usually excluded from using our site whenever feasible. Our Service is not intended to attract any customer under the age of 18. We do not purposefully collect any personally identifiable information from any minor under the age of 18. PERMITTED USE Viewers and customers are only authorized to visit, view, and/or keep a copy of site pages for their own personal use, and may not reproduce, download, publish, alter or otherwise distribute the site’s material without our express written consent. LINKS

The site occasionally links to third party sites throughout the Internet for various purposes, including affiliated sites, contests or promotions, and advertisement purposes. We neither control nor moderate the site or information found therein, and do not vouch for the accuracy or suitability of any content. We strongly advise our users to be on their guard and read the privacy statements of each and every site that collects any personally identifiable information. However, should a viewer or customer experience a technical problem with a link from our site, please notify us so that we may correct any errors as soon as possible. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY POLICY All text, graphics, files, applets, scripts, software and other works on the site not owned by a third party are considered by us to be our property, and all rights are thereby reserved. Any unauthorized distribution or reproduction of any of our site’s copyrighted materials is strictly prohibited without prior written consent, and each linked right is the property of the respective site owner unless otherwise implied by the terms of service of that site. USER COMMENTS